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C-MAP CM93 3.883 for MaxSea 12.6
C-MAP CM93_3.883 for MaxSea 12.6 | 3.4 Gb

Jeppesen Marine has unveiled updated (CM93/3.883) C-MAP Professional+ for MaxSea 12.6. The latest evolution in C-MAP charting technology from Jeppesen Marine is an advanced electronic charting standard designed for high performance navigation systems.

C-MAP CM93 3.880 for MaxSea 12.6
C-MAP CM93_3.880 for MaxSea 12.6 | 3.4 Gb

C-MAP Professional+ is an innovative and dynamic worldwide vector chart database produced by Jeppesen Marine, and is mostly derived from paper charts. The coverage is continuously being expanded and new kinds of supplementary data are frequently added the product.